Quick update on 1001 MOVIES with the 2012 edition having come out back in October. The cover features Gary Oldman’s Smiley from Tinker Tailor Soldier, and this is one of the 14 new includees. Others are:

The Artist, Bridesmaids, The Descendants, Drive, Le gamin au velo, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Le Havre, Hugo, Jodaeiye Nader az Simin, Shame, The Tree of Life, War Horse (all 2011), and Senna (2010).

Cheers to the Dardenne’s, they now have two 1001 MOVIES.

My seen-count is 646. (And where is your seen-cunt counter at?) I am keeping all the titles ever to be included in any edition in my list (also linked in the sidebar right), and with 1102 total that means I am now at 59%.