Double bill evening at the cinema left me a-ca-chanting The Breakfast Club closing and with a suitable title for my two cents on Looper, a sci-fi highly entertaining and intelligent from start to finish featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and one Bruce Willis who can obviously tell which time-travel project to join.

In terms of time travelling Looper feels like a lite Primer which comes as no surprise since Primer Shane Carruth collaborated with Looper Rian Johnson. Primer didn’t make much sense to me and repeated viewings, although always enjoyable, didn’t help either. Looper too builds its own cloudy time-travel physics that the universe may or may not obey, who’s to say, but it’s much more than time travelling — building beyond that it is a character piece first and foremost, a crime drama and an action movie second.

Not your typical good-guy-Bruce-Willis-shoots-all-the-bad-guys flick though. As it turns out Bruce Willis does shoot nearly all the bad guys but he’s also bad himself, travelled back in time to shoot as many children as it takes to save the woman he loves, loved that is, or will love maybe, willing loven? Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the true frontman, is bad too (good Bruce impersonation), and even the gentle mother figure Emily Blunt burns shades of gray reality. That’s a respectable writing there. A pretty awesome film this is, bound to be on my top of the year list.