For some reason I keep recalling Bright Star, a story of John Keats from Piano director Jane Campion, which does set an interestingly unique mood so that must be it. Then I think Star Trek. You see, Bright Star + Star Trek = Bright Star Trek. Perhaps I’ve seen something begin-titled Trek … I haven’t really, no, but I bet there is a movie in my record that makes a longer chain. There is. Since I started listing them with 2010 I’ve seen nearly 1200 movies, or roundly eight per week. The title that starts my longest chain is Easy A and this is how the graph of chaining looks like.

“Life” the series with David Attenborough. Here’s my chain in short form.

Easy A Better Life as We Know It Could Happen to You Only Live Once Around

That’s my database. Do you have a big record yourself? Show it, I’ll find your longest movie title chain. It’d be interesting to have a really large list of relevant and known titles. I’ve already looked at some lists but they are all shorter except for the Sight & Sound 2012 Poll that amassed about 2500 titles. It contains some 7-title chains at most. Here are two.

One, Two, Three Women of the Night of the Demon Lover Diary of a Country Priest

The Terminator II: Judgement Day for Night of the Bride of Frankenstein Unbound

And here’s a 6-title chain from 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. I could’ve seen them all in just these three years! But then there wouldn’t be any Easy A’s.

Let The Right One In the Heat of the Night of the Living Dead Man of the West Side Story